Morgan Delt

The new wave of throwback psych is a testament to the power of the internet as a community of rabbit hole wanderers. The depths of discovery run deep on Morgan Delt's debut and I doubt in another age, unless there was one perfectly positioned record store clerk with an obsessive love for psychedelic era nuggets, that it could have so perfectly captured the periphery of '68 cracked through a home recording filter. The album feels like late night YouTube runs through psyche obscurities, lapping up bits of Glass Family Electric Band, JK & Co., Ivory and Rainbow Ffolly in addition to the usual suspects of The Byrds and Love. Delt's obviously spent a good deal of time picking apart the perfect bits collector fodder, even working in a bit of cinema psychsploitation on closer, "Main Title Sequence" which feels ripped from the ranks of one of Finders Keepers' best kept soundtrack secrets. For RSTB this kind of album comes as an instant entry to listening rotation and its fun to play spot the influence and commiserate with a fellow traveler of psych's tangled corners. But, just as with labelmate, Jacco Gardener, the nostalgia's only truly effective if there's a wealth of songwriting beneath the pastiche of burbling effects. In that regard Trouble in Mind have stumbled on another gem that opens itself wide to listeners who've barely cracked the Nuggets compilation. Delt's crafted a warm, mutable, dense album that's perfect to immerse oneself in on any lonely day.


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