Michael Beach

Michael Beach has spent time with bands like Colossal Yes, Meercaz, Shovel and Electric Jellyfish, but its his solo LP Golden Theft that seems to be making a name for himself. Taking a few tracks from an earlier tape release and reworking them alongside several new ones, the LP mixes the dusted country of Uncle Tupelo, wounded troubadour moves of Neil Young and a grittier, heavier sound that comes close to the growl of pre-grunge. The results are an album that's stylistically diverse but cathartically cohesive. Just as the heavier tracks wind up the blood, Beach brings down the houselights and kicks through the dust on the floor with a soulful, road wearied delivery that seems to mellow like bourbon on ice. The push-pull continues throughout the album, culminating in the widescreen epic of "Eve," an eight minute closer that brings the whole house down with it framing Beach as kin to Will Oldham if he were to undertake an epic guitar squall to close out a track. A fitting close to an album that never rests easy.


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