Leven Signs - Hemp Is Here
Still some mopping up of 2013 to do yet, and that's exactly what January if for. On the reissue front I'd missed out on this little gem that Digitalis unearthed mid-year, a whiling, psychedelic, dark-hued oddity that feels thrown immediately into the
midst of some of the underground dub pop of the current digitalis set rather than being a 35 year old crate-dug discovery. Feeling like folk gone off the rails and into an obsessive tunnel of dub, Middle Eastern and early electronics; the album is nothing if not far ahead of its own time. Easily overlooked in its era, Hemp Is Here was recorded in a time when home recording wasn't a commonplace occurrence by the duo of Peter Karkut and Maggie Turner who scotch tape Arabic beats run backwards through the rain soaked tape machine while beaming Turner's vocals in from a close passing satellite. Simply a must for fans of Peaking Lights, Broadcast, Ghostbox Records' entire catalog or much of the lauded hypnogogic set.


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