I Need You Bad Compilation

Compilations are always a dicey prospect, I know having put them together that they take forever and who knows how it'll all gel when it hits that final form. The best have an angle rooted in them and a trusted driver at the helm, two requirements easily met by I Need You Bad the new compilation wrangled by Sonny Smith (of Sunsets fame) and chronicling some of his favorite San Francisco bands and a few offshoots from L.A. and Portland in the mix. The comp captures a snapshot of one of the most interesting musical pockets in the country, picking up some of the lesser known players and slotting them on a shelf next to your Ty, Fresh & Onlys and Oh Sees records. Sonny's picked up on the Sunshine State vibes here for the most part, and though rooted in the garage ethos of the city, it also hits on some of the mellower notes of its vast scene, which isn't so surprising given the direction of the Sunsets material in general. Well worth the dough and featuring some ace artwork by Shannon Shaw, you could spend your lunch money on that regrettable sandwich or go hungry for a couple days and feed your soul with this lot. No brainer.


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