Black Dirt Oak

Black Dirt Studios has served as a hub of experimental roots for years now and amassed a rather impressive list of musicians who've roamed through its halls. Would seem fairly natural then, that some of those musicians might connect for a project on the scope of Black Dirt Oak. Featuring members of Pelt, No Neck Blues Band, D. Charles Speer, Psychic Ills, Black Twig Pickers, Rhyton and GHQ, the record is stitched with the sinew of back alley jug folk. The band rolls from fingerpiked precision to nighttime noir ambient squelch in the flick of a wrist. Wawayanda Patent fumes and froths with an incandescent experimental quality that's only bolstered by the names on the roster, each player adding to the heady milieu that threads the narrative of lonesome spaces here. Though for me, the bright patches of picked steel string are pleasant, but its those dark corners that really seem to sing. The more the group sinks into the reclusive spaces and cracked neon flicker of the shadows, the more enticing the track, placing "Demon Directive" high on the end of favorites here. Its an excellent batch of songs from a group that's far more than just the sum of its collective talents, though here's hoping they get back into the Black Dirt sometime soon and this time mine far deeper into those shrouded corners.


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