So many latecomers streaming in from the Australian underground on the tailwinds of 2013, how Ausmuteants eluded us for this long is a bit of a mystery. The band's sophomore LP Amusements arrives via the Ooga Boogas run imprint Aarght Records, always a stamp of quality from the South Hemi. The band definitely digests a steady diet of Devo, Chrome, Screamers, The Twinkeyz and MX-80 and properly chews them to bits before spitting them back into fine formation and a sight better than most obsessives of those bands. The Geelong crew makes it seem easy to tap into the synch-infected madness of those influences, channeling the wiry unease and tension that ruled those records and making it seem fresh. Definitely a worthwhile album to get your hands on and worth the import sticker for sure.


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