Magic Trick

Magic Trick has always acted as the softer punch to Tim Cohen's work. For all the moody jangles and darkened hooks of The Fresh & Onlys, Magic Trick just seems to breeze into the room and get comfortable. River of Souls turns a corner for the band, feeling like their most present and accomplished album yet, with the full lineup coalescing; male / female harmonies fully in force and a loose countrified swagger melting nicely into their folk maneuvers. Cohen's never felt more at ease, with songs baked in summer sun and an early happy hour glow. Its far and away from the early recordings that eked out under the moniker back in 2011, and proof that while Cohen may have helped birth the garage-pop upheaval in San Francisco, he's moved far beyond the constraints of that scene. River of Souls is a lush studio workout that never feels overwrought, polished for sure, but never labored. Its too bad we're heading into winter months, as this is such a great late summer record, but maybe its honeyed grooves will help hold onto those languid moments.


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