Still rounding up some of the gems that slipped through the cracks of 2013 before we officially start the new year. San Francisco's Glitz have been popping up with this slick chunk of glam everywhere over the year with a tape issue on Burger, US LP on Grazer and Italian LP on White Zoo; all three pretty great litmus tests as to what you should be slapping down on the turntable. The record's full of sunburned fuzz and a tight-denim swagger that feels on point with the neu-glam takedowns of Giuda and the power pop panache of Warm Soda. Somewhere between those poles the boys in Glitz are mixing perfect drinks and cranking out roller skate jams and Saturday night ravers. Naturally if you've been thumbing through the pages of RSTB for the rockers then this'll hit ya just right. Pick it up where you can.


Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (White Zoo) or HERE (Grazer)
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