Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid

Nothing says holiday time like a release from Acid Mothers Temple. This time the crew is back with the moniker Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid, digging into their heavy stoner rock template and going for sludge over psych. Black Magic Satori takes off on a Black Sabbath meets Flower Travelin' Band aesthetic, digging deep into the monster squall but at leaded boot pace and appropriately creeping like the hand of doom across the horizon. The set's made up of two extended AMT jams, the first building from a ambling start to a sonic hurricane pace with amplifier shred whipping through the air like loose debris in a trailer park while the second soars out of the gate with viscous, thick riffs that only end in just as much shredded damage as the first. They tighten things up to a neat five-minute shred for the closer based on Sabbath's own "Paranoid", taking the original through the cosmos, laying its usual frantic pace into a heady trip around the listener's skull complete with phased sonics and vocals sung from an asteroid cave just north of the sun. Excellent fodder for Acid Mothers enthusiasts, and in fact the LP's already getting hard to find. Pick it up where you see it and set the controls to burn.


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