The Prefab Messiahs - Devolver
Hints at a full retrospective swarmed a few years ago when Almost Ready put out a double shot of the Prefab's recordings and now Burger has made that dream a reality. Devolver collects 27 tracks from the band's run from 81-83,
roping in live tracks, living room sessions and studio takes recorded with Bobb Trimble. Showcasing their wry post-punk meets paisley psych via Xeroxed garage pop, the anthology is a reminder of the very fringes of Reagan-era punk, more underground than most and coming on like The Fugs on a mall tour, set to burn the food court to the ground. The collection puts the Worcester, MA group's offbeat sense of humor on display, wavering between the frantically paced pop gems that skews consumerism, religion and 80's conformity with equal measure with bursts of skit-like rants and short form songs that sketch out ideas. The band had called it quits; with bassist Kris Thompson going on to the most visible career in similarly underground groups Abunai! and Lothars. Now they're reuniting for a new album to be recorded with engineer/producers Doug Tuttle (of MMOSS, Lilys) and Jesse Gallagher (Lilys, ex-Apollo Sunshine, recorded the 1st Quilt LP). Keep an eye out for the next wave of Prefab Messiahs but in the meantime this massive anthology should satisfy any cravings.


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