The Hunt

Has it really been 100 releases already? Certainly one of the labels that's gotten the most consistent RSTB love has been Sacred Bones, reaching back to some of their first releases and now the label mark's its 100th with the lost record from The Hunt. The band's single "1000 Nights" was the first release on the NYC label and it sparked the beginning of something that would grow into a singular entity among the new class of independent labels. Since then the band has drifted from NYC to Boston, some members have made their way to the line up of fellow Sacred Boners Cult of Youth, but all along the pieces of The Hunt Begins have taken shape and now they'll see light. The band called it quits prior to this release but they'll get back together for one last show on November 20th. As for the album, its perched on the edge of post-punk with a lean towards driving, anthemic hooks that explode from nests of wiry guitar and coiled bass. Though it took many years to get here, the document of The Hunt's struggle stands as an amiable rock record that thrashes with the passion The Hunt showed in their tenure on stage. Its fitting that they mark this milestone and that they get the recognition that seemed to elude them at the time.


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