Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff

Steve Gunn's been a staple around these parts, showing up here twice already this year and defintely pushing into our favorite albums with his Golden Gunn album, but Mike Gangloff (pictured above) hasn't crossed paths with RSTB since the heyday of Pelt. The pair got together in rural Virginia to strip away the distractions and lay down an album of haunting psych-folk that taps into the shamanistic core of the genre. Its exactly the kind of record that results from an intense overnight session of improvisation with the wounded warriors of psychedelic strings. Gunn and Gangloff holed up in the studio with roots music guru Joseph Dejarnette at the boards to divine five tracks of psychic ramble. The duo augment their 6 and 12-string guitars with tanpura, singing bowls, shruti box, and banjo to pull the deep vibrations from pre-dawn hours, hanging like mist in the air and bending the sun off the drops. Three in a row for Mr. Gunn in '13, making him one to bet on any time you see the name pop up. Necessary late night listening here.


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