Painted Caves

Consider me a sucker for any release tied to the Barn Owl coven, but I'm all the more interested if it means Evan Caminiti taking the Painted Caves moniker back up again. Following on the excellent Not Here Not There cassette from last year, Caminiti spirals down the dark hallways once again for a proper album on venerable noisemakers Shelter Press. Taking up the John Carpenter haunted dreamscape yoke; he fleshes out a throbbing, scorched soundtrack that leaves little room for air. Its as parched as most Barn Owl works but as is his form with Painted Caves, Caminiti leaves his guitar behind to wallow in the mercurial waters of synth pads and oscillating tones. The results are the hypnotic grooves of Surveillance, tapping out slow steady heartbeats cribbed with leaden footsteps thundering through the listeners head, Goblin-tinged synths percolating to the unsteady blink of damaged florescents and a creeping dread of anything that lies just out of earshot. It’s the perfect debut for Painted Caves and another goddamn feather for Caminiti in his already sterling catalog. Now he's just showing off. Best pick it up because it won't stick around too long.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incorrect track on this post, throwing off tracks on past posts older than this.

4:17 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Not really sure what that means but the correct track is on this post. Perhaps this is a browser issue.

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