Has A Shadow

Captcha digs up another fine group of psychedelic warriors from Guadalajara, Mexico, proving the city a growing source of jet-black psych bombast. Has A Shadow shares much in common with fellow travelers and labelmates Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, mining fuzz swaddled blasts of dirge rendered shoegaze that explode into full scale feedback takedowns. The record was, in fact, recorded by Alberto Gonzalez (aka The Obsolete) who also added drums to the sessions, further entwining the two bands and giving them a stronger link to their Guadalajara brethren. The album is unrelenting, even in its quieter moments there's a quivering menace that trembles at the edges of the screen, ready to pounce whenever they kick up the tempos and tear an amplifier sized hole in the sun. Sky is Hell Black is aptly titled, feeling like a good entry point to post-apocalyptic revelry, dance music for the last ones standing.


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Thanks for that. I'll definitely search out more stuff from these guys. Cool.

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