Bitch Prefect

Largely jumping right into the spaces they left off with Big Time Melbourne via Adelaide strummers Bitch Prefect stay true to their ruminations on weary life and its everyday drain. The real charm here is that they've goosed their songwriting chops up a bit and begun to inject a bit of fire into their tempos. Still plenty of ramblin' jangles to be had for the fans of South Hemi styles but they also come close to the ramshackle punk nods of Eddy Current on "Shipped It." Elsewhere they grind things down to a hush with languid pining for lost love, get twitchy to the point of tipping and beat out a tattoo of hard strums against boredom. All around a huge bump from their last album and pulling them right in line with the pack of Aussie bands you should have your eyes and ears on this year.


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