The Spinning Rooms

Ah hell, just 'cause I love ya, here's another great nugget from the Aussie underground. Melbourne foursome The Spinning Rooms have been kicking around for awhile but their sophomore LP caught my ear with its din of dirge stomp, saxophone howl and general back alley haze that seems to float around it like a Stooges Fun House outtake melted into an X (the Australian one) b-side. Complicating Things throbs along on a queasy loll of bass that's invariably cut through with menacing guitar squalls and ragged, frantic vocals that befit such a sonic stew roiling beneath. The LP was recorded and mixed by Tom Lyngcoln but the true stamp of quality on anything these days emanating from the might South Hemi is that it was mastered by Mikey Young, who seems to be the litmus on anything of note in that general direction. The LP is a growler and not for your quiet autumn reflection, but should the blood need a little angrying up as the cold months approach, it’s a good fit.


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