The Mistys

Following up on their single from earlier in 2013, Andrew Hargreaves (The Boats/Tape Loop Orchestra) and Beth Roberts continue their run of damaged pop brilliance under the banner of The Mistys. The record pairs Roberts' sweet high register vocals, recalling touchstones from obvious tinges of Bjork to múm's Kristín Valtýsdóttir, with the subversive pop tendencies of Fever Ray shuttled through a tunnel of overdriven fuzz. The subject matter sways towards the dark end of the pool, and given that Roberts' vocals sound as if they should be working their siren song towards green fields and sunny days, they only serve as a feint to suck the listener into The Mistys' chaotic world of corroded beats and syrupy darkness. There's plenty of modern dub architecture running through the electronics but they also hearken back to the kraut/kosmiche axis underneath, pulsating with a nauseating intensity all the while smiling venomously and never, ever taking their eyes off you. The feeling is disarming, alluring and strangely danceable. It’s inviting in a way that goes far beyond the dense pieces of their sonic puzzle. The end results are just the right kind of future pop, made for a disaffected world.


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