The House in the Woods

Martin Jenkins, usually known as Pye Corner Audio, has branched out from his noir excursions and soundtrack synths on the last Pye release to embrace the ghostly ambiance of burnt out hallways and desolate vistas. Adopting the name The House in the Woods, he embraces the primal hum and menacing vibrations that live in the cracks of Boards of Canada tracks. He's eschewed any real reliance on rhythm, with the exception of the title track, "Bucolica" which acts as a respite of light in the otherwise bleak and haunted course of the album. Other than that aberration though, the rest dives deep into polar winds bumped up against longing synth strains and the mournful puddle of rains. Jenkins takes The House in the Woods to another temporal plane and harnesses the magnetic fields to create a work that vibrates at a resonant frequency with thatched despair and landlocked hope.


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