Mind Spiders

Stripped down and sounding all the more ferocious because of it, Fort Worth's Mind Spiders have unleashed their third album in as many years for Dirtnap. Inhumanistic snaps with a jittery, nervy concoction of new wave and punk, drawing from the collision of both forms that ruled the early 80's. Its easy to see why they've been touting Freedom of Choice as a touchstone for the album as Devo's jitter-punk masterpiece is one of the first images to come to mind here. They pull it off well, mixing horror / sci-fi themes with driving melodies and claustrophobic keys that make for the kind of nerd grail that pushed new wave forward in the first place. Sure they're not exactly rewriting the book here but they're making an able-bodied stab at it that recalls the later works of Jay Reatard and his slide towards frenetic yet super-melodic territory. Each new record has seen Mark Ryan solidify his vision for the band as he distances it from the associations with Marked Men, and here his fully formed pop craft added to a new, softer side on display seems to be the best version of himself yet.


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