Jorma Kaukonen with Tom Hobson - Quah
Though not the most prominent member of the band, Jorma Kaukonen came to fame as the guitarist for the band Jefferson Airplane. Previously he'd backed up Janis Jopilin and would go on to form Hot Tuna as well but after
Jefferson Airplane dissolved in 1974 he'd record this solo debut, an album of intimate folk-blues that brought him out from behind the shadows he'd often languished in while with Airplane. The record is tender and rooted in a soft spoken but strident folk that utilizes blues structures while eking into the kind of vocal territory covered by Cat Stevens. The album benefits from some vocal contributions by Tom Hobson, who adds a bit of theatricality to Jorma's usually restrained folk songs. The release is certainly one of the overlooked bits of the 60's canon and essential next to Kaukonen's work in Airplane and his more blues leaning entries to Hot Tuna.


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