Gap Dream

With his self-titled debut for Burger Records, Gabe Fulvimar perked ears everywhere. Now, with his sophomore album Shine Your Light he rewards those ears with a more polished, danceable version of his vision that's rife with downtempo rubbery bass, inverted synth shimmer and a late-night glint that blinds before it draws the listener in to his hazy underground disco. Sounding much larger than its recorded origins in a storeroom at Burger HQ would imply, the record is bolstered by some slick production from Conspiracy of Owls' Bobby Harlowe, who provided the keys and drum samples that give the album its pre-dawn charm. Part of me will always mourn the loss of 60's psych and jangle from an artist's repertoire, but here Fulvimar seems to have taken the album in such a complete stylistic turn that it would only be dragged down by deviating from the established style to focus on some of his past indulgences. He shakes off the garage implications that lie with his label and makes a headlong move into the bold pop notions that always bubbled underneath. Here they stretch wide and keep the night moving into a hazy sunrise that feels like the dream he's always been peddling.


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