First Base

Starting off this Monday morning with the sugar shock crush of First Base, who've tickled out low profile EPs and 7s over the last few years and are just now making the jump to the long format. They've traded covers in the past with Personal and The Pizzas but they've got considerably more punch than those slacker strummers and truthfully they'd fit in better shelved next to your Nobunny records anyway. Splitting gears between a power pop candy coating and the after school swing of bubblegum vibes that would fit right in with that new Dirtbombs LP, should you be so inclined, their self-titled affair never lets up from its frantic bounce, tearing around the room like toddlers and genuinely inspiring wide smiles with each successive track. Its simple stuff, but that's never a bad thing around here, especially since it simply knocks your ass into lighthearted territory, getting the living room dance party started quickly and keeping ya reaching for that tonearm to play it over and over again.


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