Cave has been ardent psychedelic warriors for years now, locking into a Neu driven groove that spaces out on the keys and delves into the murky depths of the kosmiche swamp. On Threace, Cooper Crane and co. follow on their recent flexi series to skew slightly off the krautrock channel and into a brand of minimalist space funk that feels like the natural progression of their 70's exploration. Threace was recorded to one-inch tape, half rehearsed, half jammed in studio utilizing strategic mic placements and cut up editing techniques to achieve the final slab of kinetic groove that roars from the needle. The album sees the band refine and tone their sound to such a hard cut form that it could slice you if you get too close. Crane is having a banner year, with the release of Threace only compounding his lock into the floating consciousness on Bitchtronics earlier in the year and the previous Bitchin' Bajas EP Krausend. Its clear that Cave has turned a corner here and we're left with a glistening slab minimalist burn to prove it.


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