Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer has never been for the sunny moments in life. Camella Lobo, has had a history of mining goth's dark currents and pasting them to a murky brand of synthwave resulting in a glowing black mass of negative euphoria. Here she teams up with Karl O'Connor, aka Regis, to take the vibe of her EPs and craft it into a molten black abyss of an album that seems to draw the curtains and etch the room in creeping darkness as the needle winds its way through the groove. It's not all 8th grade eyeliner pastiche, rather Lobo takes uses the space in her tracks to create a cinematic gloom that feels worthy of titles like "Children of a Lesser God". She's taken the splintered tears of her previous work and formed them into something that's certainly consistent and weaves a heavy cloud of lip-bitten pain as haunted pop. It’s not for the optimists in the crowd but for those looking to soak in the doom, this is a perfect sign of winter's foreboding encroachment.


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