The Mistys - Stalking / Drawers 7"
In the past, The Boats have been a project I'd associate with floating calm, skittered beats and hushed vocals. This year not only have they shed that image with a release of their own that's digging through structured noise and techno
influences, the band's Andrew Hargreaves shatters it with this release as The Mistys. Romping through post punk and synthwave impulses and feeling like he's absolutely hitting all the right touchstones down those paths, the first single roars out of the gates with a propulsive, dark, twisted sense of fun. Drug pumped beats propel these soundtracks of lubricated bass and breathlessly cold vocals from Beth Roberts, whose accent adds just a touch of unfamilarity to the post-punk template. An excellent entry from the band and hopefully not the last we'll hear from these two.


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