The Gooch Palms

More great garage pop from Australia this year with the debut album from Newcastle's Gooch Palms out soon on Anti-Fade. Following on an EP from last year that perked ears around here, the album was recorded in one day with Nobunny's Jason Testasecca (aka Elvis Christ) at the helm and it retains close ties with both of his bands' bubblegum squeak and guitar pummel. The songs aren't overworked, instead keeping the feeling of that marathon recording session fizzing in the veins of each track on Novo's. They break every so often from the bounce and froth to slow things down to a soulful sway, proving they have a couple of tricks in their bag; feeling at home with labelmates The Living Eyes but also with fellow Aussie crooners Royal Headache. Gotta hand it to the South Hemi, they know their guitar rock and seem to keep us constantly on our toes and searching out those import copies.


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Really digging the weird punk vibe of The Gooch Palms!

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