Phil Seymour - Phil Seymour
Known for being Dwight Twiley's guitarist, Seymour struck out on his own for this album in 1980 and its filled with plenty of his able-bodied power pop that spills over into both the bubblegum and edged new wave waters. The album, produced by Richard Podolor
and engineer Bill Cooper showcased just why he was chosen to helm session work for Tom Petty, Twiley, fellow power poppers 20/20 and Moon Martin. The album placed him on essential power pop lists for years, and though it was followed up with the somewhat lackluster 2, its hard not to see him as one of the masters of the form. The response to his sophomore album and the subsequent death of Boardwalk label president Neil Bogart would result in the end of his solo career after being dropped from the label but he'd continue to take up session work until his own untimely death from lymphoma in 1993. Well worth diving into the work here though as well as Twiley's debut to really see the impact of Seymour's best work.


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