Nobunny returns with a new album of power punk crush, sweet shimmy shakers and a few harder impulses that reflect that foray into Maximum Rock n' Roll on his previous EP. More to the point they embrace the sweaty severity of his live shows. Still there's the syrup stickiness and childish glee that's always been the draw to Nobunny's corner of the play yard and that's why we've been cranking this one since an inbox delivery made RSTB's day last week. Nobunny has always been a punk cocktail, one part Banana Splits, two parts Ramones, one part John Waters and throwing the rest of the concoction up all over your sister's record collection. The album takes a few fidelic turns, giving it less consistency than First Blood's crisp crackle, but the trappings never matter when the song's underneath are trademarked bunny jams with the kind of exuberance that spills out of your speakers in waves.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this song called? Thanks!

10:42 AM  
Blogger dissensous said...

The song is called "Roxie"

11:22 PM  

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