Night Beats

Night Beats' debut still stands around here as something of a staple, a great LP to throw on when life needs a little gritting up, tearing up or greasing up. The band brings that same sense of back alley rock charm to their latest album, Sonic Bloom. They've always had this low-swung sway that feels cock sure in a cigarette danglin' sunglasses indoors kinda way and they don't lose a step here. The songs loll along in an unhurried manner but with the kind of energy that clears sidewalks and shifts eyes in the wake of their path. Guitars snap and twang (when they're not breaking off shards of fuzz), the drums have a certain primitive thud that cares more about what the pound does to your sternum than your sense of style and atop it all is the nasal blues call of Danny Lee Blackwell; sounding the conch for all the denim children of the night to come out and nod to the sound. It’s another notch on the post for Night Beats, a perfectly crafted cruiser for your Saturday night rotation.


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