Moin - EP 12"
The somewhat secretive Moin shared a side with Pete Swanson last year that left their name on the tongues of noisemakers and questions to be answered, but it appears that time has shown Moin to be pseudonym for Raime, who have released dense electronic
sides for Blackest Ever Black. This 12", also appearing for BEB, shared a darkness, intensity and think wall of sound with their other project but it diverges down roads paved by stark, muscular rockers like Rapeman or This Heat and the onslaught of post-rock to come. Where they take things to another level here, is that the skin tight combination of guitar and drums have been recorded then sequenced for a feeling that is part human rock and part mechanical menace. It’s a borg of an EP that never once lets up, laced with stabbing, furious vocals that seem to come swiftly from the shadows. Defintely ones to keep an eye on here and with their work in Raime.


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