Fuzz is upon us and how were we ever without it? The highly anticipated album from Ty, Charlie Moothart, and bassist Roland Cosio is everything that the stoner high school notebook cover art promised and more. The album is thickly resined and stonewashed with so much Sabbath thunder that Tony Iommi's probably collecting at least a few royalty checks from this release. But the fun of the album is, who the fuck cares if it’s breaking new ground? They set out to make an album of bong rattling, carb metal and its perfect in its celebration of the form. You can feel the joy just wafting off of the album and after the emotionally charged solo set from Ty earlier in the year its understandable that this winds up as a sowing of musical oats and blowing off the kind of steam that makes sixteen year-old's headbang til whiplash sets in. Though lets not just chalk this up to a one off whim, because though they stick to a pallette, the songs here are top notch and can't help but come off as live scorchers. May Fuzz not just wind up lost in the deluge of Ty's wake but continue to be an outpouring of love for stoner metal for many years to come. The world needs a little Fuzz every now and then.


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