Syndey's Bloods have been bubbling up at RSTB for some time now, with a couple of singles finding their way into rotation on many Raven playlists. The band have finally gotten a pair of more substantial releases, one for the US crowds and one for the hometown set and the pair makes for a good argument in keeping both eyes on this trio in the coming months. First, the band unleashes a debut EP for their Aussie label, SHOCK. The Golden Fang EP rounds up previous high wire climber, "Back To You" along with current single "Into My Arms" and four others for a frayed and furious release that highlights their energy and syrup n' cyanide double punch of pop hooks married to fuzz punk assaults that pay a heavy debt the the through line of Sleater-Kinney to Dum Dum Girls. For the American audiences Whooping Crane Records knocks out their first domestic 7", wrapping up Golden Fang track "Into My Arms" (though a different version) and throwing in three additional, exclusive tracks that keep things a bit more lo-fi than the Aussie EP but still showcase the band's high energy melodic chops. They're climbing the industry ladder in the South Hemi, but here's the litmus to see if they'll make that same impact abroad as well. I'm putting in a vote for their widespread acclaim

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