Together Pangea - Snakedog 7"
Pangea stole RSTB's heart a long time ago, but with each new release they seem to grip it a bit tighter. The band's recently gone on to the big leagues with a name change to Together Pangea (ah legal issues) and a jump to Harvest
Records. Their first single for the label sees the band wade even further into pop's waters in a "so good it makes me angry" kind of way without ever leaving behind their cratered punk punch. The A-side is a fiery shock of pop matching the current amplifier assault of cracked guitar slingers like Ty Segall (inevitable comparisons abound) and John Dwyer. But for all the fire of that shredder the flip, "Offer", comes in ready to soothe the burn with the power-jangle and an accompanying fragile croon that opens like the sore wound, a trait that's come to mark each of their releases between the bouts of fury. Can't say RSTB didn't warn ya, back when they dropped Living Dummy on your unsuspecting asses, that this band would come to dominate turntables in the near future and with this taste and an LP on the way, those visions are coming to fruition. The band shredded Austin and now they're coming for your children. Be ready. Buy two copies.


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