Swiftumz - Luv Ya 4EVA 7"
Its been awhile since we've heard from Swiftumz so this single out on Rocinante comes as a nice surprise. Taking one of the strongest tracks from his Holy Mountain LP, Don't Trip, Chris McVicker recasts the electro pop tweak of "4EVA" as a full
band power pop bouncer and christens it "Luv Ya 4EVA". The added kick of the live to tape take brings out the sunburst blast of energy it always had inside it and boils it to the surface. On the flip they offer up a new track in the form of "Klik Klack" that takes a bit of a slower pace but still utilizes the full band's potential for a wistful summer jam that makes this single a double shot of fun. Reports are Swiftumz has another single on the way and an LP in the works and if its in the vein of these two offerings then it stands to be a real treat on the way.


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