Penetration - Moving Targets
Riding in on a wave of British punk, Penetration were a solid entry into the class of '78. Lead by the soaring vocals of Pauline Murray, whose voice locked itself nicely between Poly Styrene and Exene Cervenka territorially, though the band would afterward tend to dip
further from the fury of either of those two bands musically. They had a well received early single in "Don't Dictate" (which appears on reissues but not on the album proper) and found their footing with an abrasive, yet melodically solid brand of punk that let in some more atmospheric touches than many of their contemporaries. In fact the band didn't adhere too tightly to the punk tag itself and following Moving Targets they'd steer much closer to the encroaching New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Still this album cements them amongst the best bands of the flickering candle of 70's punk and, while not always included on lists of essentials, its certainly worth getting acquainted with.


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