Oneohtrix Point Never

Daniel Lopatin makes a jump to Warp for his latest album and the label shift sees him focus his sound into something slightly more song based than his floating waves of terraformed Kosmiche that have dotted his back catalog. Though he's certainly not emerged from the ether, there are spines of rhythm that propel many of the tracks, bumping against layered vocals that cut through the chopped territory of Prefuse 73. Lopatin's gift emerges as he finds a way to make tracks both languidly calm and eerily on edge at the same time, as if lured into a false feeling of security by the shimmering bouts of velveteen synth only to have a wave of anxiety wash over upon learning that the perfect surroundings keep shifting in order to disorient you. There's something inherit in R Plus Seven that feels like it belongs pre-programmed into the house of tomorrow, to be played as sedative to ease the edge off the day when the occupants walk through the door, or to highlight the glint of ozone on the horizon as the blinds open automatically in the morning. It feels bioorganic in a way that many new synth albums have been striving for the last few years. Lopatin has always been a head above his peers and here he just pushes away from the pack on castors, leaving them far far behind.


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