King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Turning in their second album of the year, it would be hard for Melbourne's King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard to top the strange intensity of their Morricone Western epic Eyes Like The Sky but they manage to come close with deeper psychedelic currents on Float Along - Fill Your Lungs. The album expands their scope, from the sitar accents on the 16-minute freakout of an opener to massively blown out fuzz blues that rear their heads throughout the album and even a touch of cracked R&B on "Let Me Mend The Past." Holding court as an anchor in the Aussie garage scene, the band digests their love for 60s fuzz rumble and the aforementioned psych accoutrements and layer them into their own bent universe of churning guitar froth and synthesizer fizzle. Lock it all down hard with a pop penchant for grooves that, while they might not always crystallize into radio ready choruses, still lodge a sticking impression as they give into the fury of a sonic assault on the senses. With this one, they give proper follow up to their strong willed debut and bite hard into 2013 with their experimental and hard grit sides of the musical coin. Each listen to this opens it up wider and only makes me wish they weren't so damned far away, as there's no way this isn't a killer album on stage as well as wax.


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