After a solo excursion for Mexican Summer last year GR returns with Aluk Todolo members Antoine & Matthieu in tow for a proper bit of Gunslingers guitar fury; a onesided 12" with two huge tracks built on the blueprint of guitar fury and high octane brain fry. Over the years the trio has proven that a juggernaut of psych weirdness brews inside the typically calm and collected French music scene and nowhere do they prove that more than on this double-shot of ozone choked insanity. As usual GR is the centerpiece of the tracks, slicing through the most sinewy of riffs with the kind of mastery that seems at both visionary and cracked, constantly at odds with itself and fighting for air every minute. Add to the rumpus the steady hands of Antoine & Matthieu locking down rhythms that seem to surf the chaos deftly and the record winds itself into a taut snarl of razor-wired rock. As mentioned in the pages of RSTB before, GR is in a league of his own, only sometimes populated by the flayed and fried likes of Plastic Crimewave and Human Eye. Its best to tap in and ride it out while you can.


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