Down to the Silver Sea

Moon Wiring Club's Gecophonic label rounds up a cast of characters from their periphery that includes Pye Corner Audio (here under the name Howling Moss), Jon Brooks, Time Attendant and newcomer Sarah Angliss for a languid descent into the fragrant hallucinations of summer. Much of the crew has appeared in and around the Ghost Box label as well (Angliss has a new LP on the way for them) and their decadent / nostalgic tones drip all over this imagined soundtrack. The tracks fit together in a blur of curio shop wanderings, endless drives through the English countryside and walks through gardens and graveyards draped with the mossy smell of peat and time. For fans of both labels this should be a no brainer, its psychedelic Britain at its best wrapped into an imaginary narrative that feels lost even to itself. Probably not for the most outgoing of summer days, but for the indoor kids on rainy days, this is a must.


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