Craig Leon - Nommos
Best known for his production and recording work, and as an A&R for Sire records during the 70's, its not always an expectation that the man who helped shape the recording of The Ramones' debut, a producer who laid down tracks for Blondie
and Richard Hell, would bring his own musical vision much closer to that of Cluster or Ash Ra Temple. Though maybe his production work on Suicide may have been more of a tip off to the direction that Nommos takes. The album is named after a group of Malian deities known to have descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder, so this may give some insight to the album's blend of technological, tribal and meditative qualities. Whatever the impetus, the outcome is a floating world of buzzing tones and trance inducing beats that seem far ahead of their time, and otherworldly even now. Made just as the veteran producer was uprooting himself to the UK to work with bands that would dot the history of dance-centric pop, it begins to make more sense as the Leon's saga evolves. Originally issued on John Fahey's Takoma records of all places, the album now sees a proper reissue via rescuers of obscure gems, Superior Viaduct and it bears more than a few listens. Nommos is definitely a piece of musical history that slipped between the cracks and is now getting a welcome light cast in its direction. Best pay attention.


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