Bad Sports

Denton's Bad Sports return for round three, with a new record for the home of scuffed knees punk, Dirtnap. Their latest tempers the tempos slightly from their last, but its still full of plenty of garage bounce that borders on the power pop and punk precipices equally. Its a tougher record all around, produced by Marked Men's Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke, who bring something of the '77 punk grit to the band's usually bright sound. The sneer fits them nicely, and belaying the smirking pun that the record's title evokes, Bras is the band's step towards a harder knuckle punch of punk that shoots for Dead Boys territory but still has that exuberant snap of Cheap Trick in tow. Ultimately the band can't help but throw in more pop fodder in the melody department, but we're never gonna fault them for that around here. Maybe its Orville Neeley's residency in fellow Texan proto-punkers OBN III's that's spurred the extra layer of skin on Bras. The record's certainly not anywhere as vicious as the bite they put down, but the mixture of tough exterior and those same old chewy centers has made for an album of heft that leaves the starry eyes behind but packs a whallop all its own.

[Download] Bad Sports - Terrible Place

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