White Hills

A new White Hills record is always reason to rejoice. The band have returned to the studio with Martin Bisi, who helmed last year's Frying on This Rock, and again the bend the cosmic forces to their will to turn electricity into ferocious rock thunder. Their alchemical prowess has been no secret over the past few years, turning the air around them golden with the sheen of amplifier sweat and a crackle of ozone in your nostrils. Laced with bits of quasar swirl that cool the edges, but never quite temper the fire at the heart of the record, So You Are... So You Will Be sticks largely to the blistering flare that drives the bulk of the Hills' catalog. Though they seem to have struck a newfound balance between those cool edges and the hotspots and its makes for one of their most engrossing and well-paced records yet. Still, no record is quite a replacement for White Hills in their true glory on the stage. If you have yet to catch them melting a face or two, get out and see it for yourself. Always worth it.


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