The stylistic shift that began on Red has been ramped up even further on Weekend's latest LP Jinx. Gone are the squalls of noise and disjointed angles, for the most part smoothed into a pleasing post-punk pulse that's smeared heavy with bits of shoegaze amplifier fry and dour new wave shadows. The band have found solid footing though and in that regard Jinx acts as one of their most cohesive offerings to date. Its a moody ride through valleys haunted by the ghosts of synths streaking through the background, locked-groove drums that pound with tireless purpose and chiming guitars that stab and slash at the skillful parry of Shaun Durkan's vocals. With Jinx Weekend have made their most crowd ready album and yet they still push the fringe listeners away just a bit with the darkness at the center of the beast. For each poppy tidbit, there are eight more that are swarmed by gloom and gathered clouds, but for those that love to seem them gather, Jinx is the perfect mix.


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