Light House

Portland's Light House issued a tape version of the In Their Image EP last year, but with the help of Mannequin Records its getting a shiny new life in digital and vinyl form. The band has been on the Portland scene for sometime, etching out a sound that marries the dreamy dark headspace of classic 4AD to a modern goth palette that would feel right at home amongst the Blackest Ever Black stable. The band boasts talent from ex-members of The Rapture and Atriarch, but the real centerpiece of their allure lies in the velvet pulse of Dawn Sharp's vocals. Resonant and assured but with a vaguely threatening edge, her voice pulls listeners like a magnet to full attention, dropping all distractions to the background where they belong. Those vox sit atop a steady throb of beat and menacing churn of synths that put a little green in your pallor and hint at darker things to come. At just four tracks, the EP seems just a taste of what the band might accomplish in the longform, but there are enough stripped back minimal wave tones here to more than overspill a full length.


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