Jacuzzi Boys - Double Vision 7"
The first single preceding Jacuzzi Boys' upcoming album embraces their shift in tone. They've shined the diamond and taken their idiosyncratic garage pop into a more refined state. The a-side, which also appears on the album, is propulsive
without being insistent. Its cast in the mold of the closing few tracks from their Glazin' album, shiny plastic sheen covering up a glam punk heart. The vocals may scream mentholated cool, but as the track wears on they burst through with squalls of frizzle-fried guitar. The flip is a true summertime ballad unlike much they've really wandered into before. Its an ice-melting-in-glass, end of the night fade out that's as dreamy as its title might suggest. We'll get into the album here in a little bit, but for a fist tasted this one's just right.


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