Five albums into an odd and largely unheralded career, I would not have seen Bram Deven's Ignatz getting picked up by any formal labels but seeing that its Fonal doing the picking... you know somehow it works. His folk / blues hybrid sounds disjointed, broken, found in a gutter as the detritus of a recording session that was never to be properly understood. For that reason Mississippi Records might have also been a label that I could see having an interest in Ignatz; their crate digger style fits his ramshackle blues well. Deven's works have always shared something of an Alan Lomax in the field quality, capturing the sounds as they flow with no real aspirations of impressing anyone other than himself for one performance. In the past the disjointed pieces have formed bits of song and flotsam jettisoned into the ether only to be lucky enough to be caught on tape, but on Can I Go Home?, he's working more in fully formed songs, songs that capture a sense of longing and heartbroken dishevelment that don't always come through in his past works. Its still a pure outpouring of folk-blues with all the edges in tact, but this time its a bit more personal.


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