Hunx & His Punx

Most notable about the latest record from Hunx & His Punx is that the band seem to have gone full bore on embracing the 'Punx' aspect of their moniker, upping the tempo and snottiness of their songs ten fold on the appropriately titled Street Punks. It appears that Seth Bogart has saved the swaggering, forlorn and lovestruck numbers to be issued solely under the unencumbered Hunx solo banner, which brings up the second notable part of their new album; the Punx themselves seem to have been elevated in stature just as much as the shift in tone. Shannon Shaw, long an integral member of the Punx and, of course, a formidable force in her own right with The Clams, heads a few of the tracks here making it the first truly full band Punx record. That shift, from players backing Hunx, to a full force, crushing blow of West Coast heavyweights makes Street Punks more than just a dabbling of the band in harder textures. Both Shaw and Bogart tend to embrace a doo-woppy, syrup-throated approach to pop in their catalogs, but its nice to hear the pair tear loose here, screaming and thrashing and using their respective pipes to prove that when they're ready to rip into a listener, both are more than qualified. Overall the record is fun as hell and what else were you looking for from Hunx and co.?


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