Crocodiles inject a nice chunk of grit n' gravel back into the mix, dirtying up the squeaky sheen of Endless Flowers without sacrificing any of the pop heart that's forever on their sleeves. Opening up with an expansive cut that pays a few nods to Primal Scream, the band turns up the candy crunch vaporizer action over the rest, feeling like a direct extension of the work they were doing on Sleep Forever, which, if you follow RSTB at all, you know got endless play around these parts. The next few tracks roll their love of 80's Brit-pop and shoegaze into a razor sharp blender and strain the best bits to the surface, and ultimately its one of the tightest albums of their career. Sune Rose Wagner takes the helm this time and as with similar Wagner helmed projects, the blast of sound is constant and engulfing in the best of ways. Heralded by the splashes of pink and purple on the cover, the album acts as a declarative blast of glowing, raw pop pummel; a solid footing to push them further into their careers. Eager to see how these come across on the live stage but for now consider Crimes of Passion on repeat across the Raven speakers.


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Good stuff with a cool 60s vibe! Digging it!

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