The Plimsouls - The Plimsouls...Plus
The band was formed during the new wave rush and benefited from the vocal talents of Peter Case, fresh from The Nerves and heading up the new venture with a swagger that caught on well with their L.A.
contemporaries like The Knack. The band worked up quite a fitting live reputation and after their Zero Hour EP, and they cut this LP for Planet Records. It was supposed to have been huge at the time, again owing to the fact that they stunned live and the fact that Blondie was running a cover of The Nerves' song "Hanging On The Telephone" up the charts at the time. It was big enough to catch the attention of Geffen who signed them for their more well known sophomore album Everywhere At Once before the band folded entirely with Case leaving for a solo career that continued in his stints at Geffen, Vanguard and Yep Roc. Though before completely disappearing the band did release a live document that finally put that reputation down on record. The expanded edition of this debut adds nicely here with the EP and b-sides rounding it out and while their second album had a few more listeners, the more open sound on this debut makes it one of the long lost gems of the new wave/power pop axis. Though if you asked Case, he was always just playing rock n' roll.

[Download] The Plimsouls - Hush, Hush

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