Sagor & Swing

Its been a nice bit of time since we last heard from Sagor & Swing around here, most note ably because the band took a hiatus for the better part of the last decade, with Eric Malmberg heading off on his own organ excursions (hmm that sounds dirtier than it should). Still its great to have the team back together as there's been a lack of Middle Earth meets Zelda instrumental albums of late and as such Botvid Grenlunds Park arrives just in the knick of time. Knocking the Zelda appeal up one notch higher with their 8-bit level selection artwork, the music contained inside leaves no disappointments; quickly becoming the soundtrack to whatever epic journey you care to break it out for. The pair are still chasing the down the Shire-pointed rabbit hole towards their hero Bo Hansson's epic 70's sojourns and they come pretty damn close in scope and execution. This one should be filed snugly on the shelf between your copies of King Crimson and Yes, Roger Dean blacklight poster optional but highly recommended.


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